Dr LeMay,

We wanted to thank you again for your passionate desire to do what you do…

Jack was with us almost 13 years and the past few have been under your care.  Everyone hates losing a family member, and it is certainly difficult to imagine not coming home to his awesome greetings.  However, the way you helped us during this entire process set our minds at ease that we were doing everything we could to make sure he was receiving the quality of care and concern that he deserved.  From our frantic text messages when something would terrify us, to the final call we made to you today, we have always felt like you shared our ultimate concern for Jack and his well being.  We will continue to grieve our loss for many years to come but know in our hearts that Jack was rewarded for being such a wonderful, loving, boy by the dignity and respect you helped us show him when the time came.

Thanks for all you do…

Keith, Kristy, Keigan, and Kyley Fetz



Dr. LeMay,

I (We) just wanted to again thank you for helping to send off our sweet little boy Jackson.  You made the unthinkable/impossible/most agonizing time a little easier and our memoires a little sweeter and more peaceful.  Thank you!

Lauren and Michael Asher



Dr. LeMay,

Thank you for caring for Cuzco on his last day!  He was a good companion and great friend.  We still miss him, but will be in our heart always.

Gina and Jose Luis

Sweet Sally


Dear Dr. LeMay,

Their is not enough words that can properly convey my eternal gratefulness to you.  You’re a true animal lover.  Which in this day and age is extremely rare to say the least.  I’m still in the grieving process and with the Lord’s help I wouldn’t be able to cope with my Sweet Sally passing.  The only solace for me is knowing she’s in heaven with Jesus waiting to be reunited with me.  Enclosed is a picture of Sweet Sally playing with her favorite ball.  She had three balls that we played fetch with. Two were black and one pink.  As you’re aware pekingese have a flat face. So she could only pick up balls that have notches on them .. I buried her Earthly body with her favorite pink ball and her University of Florida Gators pillow that she laid on while we watched the Gators play football on TV.  She would let her brother, Toby, and my mom’s dogs lay on it, (hence her name Sweet Sally), but when I said to her “it’s Gator time!”  no one could even get in the immediate vicinity of her Gator Pillow.  You can never predict what personality traits, (Sweet Sally) loved ones will exhibit.  You can, however, always bank on them having them.  Good or bad, I’m appreciative the good Lord blessed me with Sweet Sally. Everyone who had contact with her was infected with her unconditional love and joyful being.  Most people refer to their dogs and cats as pets.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For me, Sweet Sally is my child and that will never change.  She enriched my life so much.  There is a void in my heart right now where she filled.  I’m an optimistic person.  With that  said, her passing had fatalistic effect to me.  She wouldn’t want me to  become cynical or despondent.  So, I’m going to honor her memory my being cheerful, rosy, reassuring, positive, and hopeful.  All the qualities she possessed.  I’ve not met a more auspicious mentality like hers.  It will be hard pressing too. That’s why I feel truly blessed to still have her brother Toby in my life.   I thought there wasn’t any veterinarians that shared my philosophical beliefs.  You’ve totally shattered that assumption.  I’m exulantly proud to say your a veterinarian who cares and loves animals.    It’s exceedingly rare for vets because it’s easier to be indifferent or impersonal.  Most people will ordinary choose to be apathetic if given a choice with someone dies .  That’s why when I say you’re a compassionate doctor you know how scarce vets like you are.  There’s about 300 million people in America.  Doc, you’re 1 in 300 million!!! In culmination, I couldn’t possibly reciprocate what you did for me, Sweet Sally, and her brother Toby.  May the Lord bless you and your loved ones with a long and blissful life.

Your eternally grateful Sweet Sally’s father ,




Hi, Dr. LeMay-

I have finally brought myself to be able to write this for your website and would be honored if you would include it for others to read.

Making the decision to contact you, even for an evaluation, was the most difficult one I’ve ever faced. Zoe has been my fur baby and best friend for the last 17 years, ever since I first laid eyes on her. She had been by my side for high school, college, break ups, job changes, and everything else that a woman in her teens and 20’s deals with. We had so much fun together but she also knew when her mommy needed comforting as well. She had the sweetest demeanor, loving everyone and everything that she ever met in life.

I can honestly say I have felt so peaceful and at ease in the last few weeks since her passing than I have felt in a long time. Having you here to not only help my baby be comfortable in her last few moments, but to also take care of me during your visit means more to me than you will ever know. I will miss her every day but I will have comfort in knowing I did what was best for her. Thank you so much for your kindness.



My apologies for taking so long to send you a note, but its been a super tough journey adjusting to life without our sweet Gordon.  Despite our heartache, we are so very grateful to you.  Gordon didn’t like the vet and I always said I didn’t want that to be his last memory if we had to make that difficult decision.  Fortunately, Jeff found you as we struggled with the reality of Gordon’s situation.  Your willingness to come to our home on a Saturday evening was such a blessing to us and Gordon .  I’ve never had to make that decision, but your guidance and support was truly comforting.  Thank you for what you do-it’s an amazing service.  We will forever cherish our sweet baby.

Nicke and Jeff



Llorón was a smart, expressive dog. He knew many words and responded accordingly. He was the type of dog that you’d have to ‘watch what you say’ around him. He would eavesdrop on our conversations to be in on what was happening next. Our dogs nap in our bedroom with Sam (my 22 month old human baby)  and me daily, and of course they sleep in our room at night. Anyhow, each day when I’d sneak away from my napping toddler (after napping myself for a bit) Llorón would quietly get up and walk out of the bedroom before I’d even leave the bed. He was tuned in to my idiosyncrasies and the most minor cues. The other 2 dogs would simply leave the room, following behind me. Llorón was my smart, special boy.
So, when my smart, special boy was diagnosed (rather suddenly) with an extremely enlarged prostate (yes, neutered), with a most-likely malignant tumor-calcified-mass around it, I was devastated. Llorón was only 9 years old. By the time I took him to the particular vet that diagnosed him with his incurable condition, he hadn’t been eating much for nearly 2 weeks. Day in and day out his ability to eat would decrease. I watched Llorón go from scarfing down his meals to hurry over to try to eat the other dogs’ leftovers to guarding his uneaten food from the other dogs. -This was my first sign something was wrong. He wanted to eat his food but couldn’t. From there he’d eat only soft food, that lasted a couple of days, from there, only chicken broth, then a small can of salmon and… that was the end of it. He spent a few days without ingesting any food. He couldn’t, wouldn’t eat. He would still struggle and push desperately to try to have a bowel movement, to no avail. Seeing my sweet boy frustrated, depressed, confused and uncomfortable was nearly unbearable. When I did get the confirmation that he was ‘beyond repair’ so to speak I knew I wasn’t going to let him suffer.
I also knew I wanted him to die at home.
Only a year and a half prior I had taken Thalia to be put to sleep at our then-regular vet and it was a traumatic experience. I had regrets about the way her life ended. Just little things like her arm being shaved to find a vein, even having to leave our house when she could barely walk, had to be very hard on her. To top it off, I wanted to be hugging her when she died and the veterinarian injected the pink juice while I was crying my eyes out in the front office area paying for her death with my debit card. I re-entered the clinic room only to find my Thalia had already been put to sleep, there, alone with the doctor and vet tech. That’s something that haunts me til this day.
For all of these reasons, and more, I knew I wanted in-home-euthanasia for Llorón.
A friend referred Dr. LeMay, of a Friend’s Farewell. Dr. LeMay is exclusively an in-home hospice care and euthanasia veterinarian. She works alone and has her practice down to an art form. She is doing what she’s called to do on this earth and everything about her exudes confidence and calm. She was a blessing to me, my family and Llorón during this process. I will be forever grateful to her for allowing my sweet boy to pass peacefully in my arms. I find great peace in knowing that I did right by my dog in his last moments on earth. And for about 10 minutes I kind of felt like I ‘had my dog back,’ this was during the sedation period. He was calm yet alert, temporarily free from his confusion and illness. That short time with my baby was priceless to be honest. I recommend Dr. LeMay with the highest regards to anyone that sadly has to euthanize a beloved pet.



 I just wanted to take a few minutes the give a special thanks to Dr. LeMay for making one of the most feared days of my life with my sweet angel puppy Elli so comfortable for the both of us. She took my call after hours and at the last minute scheduled an appointment to come to our residence the next day and assess the condition of my loyal companion in the comforts of her own bed. Then walked me thru the options that were best for Elli. She was very professional and comforting at such a hard time for Elli and myself. After the procedure was over and my sweet puppy was relieved of any further pain and suffering, Dr. LaMay took her and within a week returned to my home with a beautifully carved wooden box with her ashes in and plaster cast of Elli’s paw print with the year and her name as well as a memorial certificate, all for me to remember the time spent with such a sweet & loyal puppy that rescued me almost 10 years ago. Dr. Lemay, I can’t thank you enough, I would recommend you to anyone who is ever in my situation. Thanks Again:)



Dear Dr. LeMay,

I have so many things to say to you to let you know how much I thank you for all you did for me and for Stick.  I miss him terribly and not a moment of the day goes by that a thought of him does not enter my mind.  But what means the most to me are the last moments we spent together.  Your calm demeanor and the soft voice you used to explain every detail of what was going to happen, for me, set the tone of the experience.  I had watched Stick suffer and tried every way in the world to make myself believe he was alright.  I knew better but couldn’t bear to make the decision I needed to make for him. You were always so kind to take my phone calls even with all you had going on with the new baby and your family.  You were such a rock for me and always guiding me, ever so gently, without ever making the decision you knew I needed to make.  When you arrived on Stick’s last day on Earth, and we talked a  few minutes and you were sure we understood what was going to happen, you started the procedure.  You were so gentle and I know he suffered no pain.  I can still see the peaceful look on his face.  Finally, he had suffered his last and I realized all the love I felt for him had been used of his good.  So, I thank you for the work you do and I know you are blessed in so many ways.  I will never forget my faithful companion, Stick, and I can never thank you enough for making his last moments with me on the Earth a memorable and peaceful and beautiful experience.

God Bless,

Connie and Don Koebel (08/16/2015)



Dear Dr. LeMay,

Thank you for making Trina’s last moments so peaceful.  Your coming to our home allowed her to be carefree and content-to find relief and rest in our garden on a beautiful day.

We appreciate your kind, loving heart!

Thanks again,

Lisa and David Holt



Dr. LeMay, it’s been two weeks since you came and helped me let Fignon go.  I still have the image of him falling asleep on my lap and am so grateful for your help in that incredibly difficult time.  He was an amazing cat and I miss him.  I found a nice place for him under the pine tree and I’m glad he is at peace.  Thank you.

Vic Maddox

 Little Mama


I just listened to my voice mail a little while ago. Thank you for calling and for the card I received today.The first couple of days I just felt so sad and exhausted so I slept a lot. Wednesday  I felt better so I ordered a pretty urn on line and had it engraved with her name, the month and year she was born and the date she died. Also that we would love her always. On Christmas Day, 2002 my grandson Eddie  who was barely three years old at the time came to our home with his Mom to celebrate the holiday. When he got out of the car we saw he was carrying something in his arms but we didn’t know what it was until I opened the door and we saw he was holding a tiny black and tan puppy. My daughter’s boyfriend had given Eddie the puppy for Christmas. He was so excited and happy to have a puppy and he wanted to show it to his Grandpa and I. The first thing he wanted to show us was her little stub of a tail. Then he looked at me and said, Granny is it a boy or a girl? I looked at the puppy and told him it was a girl. Eddie’s eyes got big and he grinned and said, OH a little Mama dog and that is how she got her name. From that day on she was Little Mama. She slept with my grandson every night and they were together all the time until Eddie was 6 yrs old. That’s  when my daughter moved to a better school district  so he could go to a better school but the landlord  wouldn’t let Little Mama live there so she came to live with us and we watched  Eddie after school for the next few years so they were still together a lot. As he got older he made more friends and became involved in sports and gradually spent less time at our house, but by then Little Mama was content living with us and we had 2 other dogs who were a little older than her and you could tell she was happy being part of the pack. Still every time Eddie came to visit she would get so excited she couldn’t be still. He would always hold her and tell her he loved her. The last time he saw her was on Saturday the 18th. As always they were happy to see each other. When he left that day the last thing he said was, by Little Mama, I love you. He will  be 16 next month and like most teenage boys he is a little shy and gets embarrassed easily but he never cared who heard him tell little Mama he loved her. I called him before I called you that day and explained to him that she was sick, and the seizure  medication wasn’t working and we needed to let her go. He got real quiet then softly said, I understand, “tell Little Mama I love her but I don’t want to see her that way.” I understood,  he had never seen her have a seizure or act agitated or disoriented . He will always remember her as his sweet Little  Mama dog and I am thankful for that. I on the other hand remember everything  she has gone through in the past three months, the convulsions were awful and afterwards she didn’t seem to know where she was or who I was for a while. She pulled away from the other dogs and from us too. She spent more and more time in the bedroom or on her pillow in the living room sleeping. But at night she still wanted to sleep close to me and I would sleep with my arms around her, I wanted her to feel safe and to feel how much I loved her. But no matter how much I loved her & took her to the doctor gave her all her medicine, I did everything I could but I couldn’t fix her. I know it was best for her to end her suffering but I am still heartbroken  and I miss her so. My heart breaks every time one of my dogs die, I am never ready to let them go but I love them too much to let them suffer. I want to thank you, what you do is a wonderful thing. I wish all of my dogs could have died in the peace and comfort of their own home, surrounded by everything familiar. I know there is a special place in heaven  waiting for you. I know I will cal you again but I hope I don’t need to for a long time. I will pick up Little Mama’s ashes  tomorrow. I am sorry for rambling on forever.  I have cried the whole time I have been writing this but I think I feel better now. Again, thank you so much. I am going to tell everyone I know how wonderful and caring you are.



Mail Attachment

Dr LeMay

Thank you so much for giving Tallulah the stress and pain free death she deserved. Lying in her favorite bed after eating some treats was the perfect end to her wonderful life.  We miss her desperately but are comforted by the way she left this world.

You certainly found your calling and we are so grateful.

Many thanks,

Hope & Scott Newell



Dr. LeMay,

Ron and I would like to thank you for all you did to assist us with Coco.  Your sensitivity and support helped us in a difficult time.

We would recommend you to anyone who needs your special help.

Thank you again,

Cheryl Benton and Ron Riffle


IMG_6448 IMG_6449

Dr. LeMay,

Than you so much for helping Peanut transition to Heaven! You made a very difficult decision easier for us.  The focus was on quality of life for Peanut.  I prayed for an angel for her and she got one in you!

You are special!

Kathy and David Carter



We love you, Ruffles



Dr. LeMay,

I am so delayed in writing this note about you assisting with the passing of my beloved Westie named Nobles. (and for that I apologize).  During the end  of life decision for my sweet Westie, you were so wonderful and loving and I have recommended you to so many people.  The death experience is always a hard decision but the calm passing of Nobles was a true blessing and a gift that you provide.

Thank you so very much for your compassion and love of animals.



Jake and Coco





It has been nearly 5 months now since I lost my beloved Logan and I am just now in a place to write this tribute (with tears in my eyes even now). I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your compassion during the most difficult time imaginable. You made my precious boys last moments comfortable and peaceful in every way. You are truly doing the work that God meant for you to do, bringing comfort to those during such a sorrowful time. I have 14 years of wonderful memories with my sweet Logan and I thank you so much for making my last moments with him so special.
I want to share this picture of him.
I am so blessed to have had a very talented artist paint this oil painting of his precious face with his usual gentle expression to see every time I walk into my bedroom. And I am so blessed to have had a bond and love deep enough to cause such heartache.
Keep doing what you are doing. It makes a real difference in peoples lives.
Forever grateful


IMG_6444 (4)

Dr. LeMay, You have a true gift. The passion you give during your service is so kind and peaceful. Thanks for helping us with Kokanee.

Peace to you and your,




Beast 2001 – 2015

Thank you for your kindness Dr. LeMay.



Dr. LeMay,

My family and I wanted to thank you for helping us in this very sad and difficult time in our life! Our Zoey was not just a pet, but a member of our family for many many years. Zoey brought lots of happy memories to our family that we will treasure for a lifetime. I would not have had Zoey’s last moments of her life any other way than you there with us!!! Thank you for making it so incredibly peaceful!!


The Newton Family



Dr. LeMay, our family can’t thank you enough for helping us say good bye to our precious Sandy. Because of you and your service she was able to be surrounded by her family at home and she looked so comfortable and at peace at the end.



Thank you again for being so kind and helping us through this difficult time. I think the hardest part for me is thinking he is there when he isn’t. I know he is happy but it’s still very hard. I wanted to send you a picture of skippy for his story.

Skippy always appeared to others as a puppy but he lived to be 17. I had skippy for 15 years and he had been there for me through so much. The past week he aged extremely quickly and I knew in my heart he was not himself. Thanks to Dr. Lemay He left us so peacefully and I knew it was time. I know I will see him again.

Thank you again Dr. Lemay.



This morning I brought Gunter home…while I can’t begin to express in words how much my heart aches and how much I miss her, it brought me comfort to have her with me again…I am so Thankful to Dr. Edwina LeMay of A Friend’s Farewell for all she did for us…her compassion and understanding is immeasurable…I can’t stress compassion enough…she handled the arrangements with great care and detail as if it were her own beloved pet…her follow up and sympathy are sincere and touching as she genuinely wants those left behind to grieve, honor, and memorialize the ones we love the most…Thank you, Dr. LeMay, from the bottom of my heart, it was comforting to have you with us



Dear Dr. Lemay,

We wanted to say thank you for your care and compassion when you helped our beautiful Sugar girl cross Rainbow Bridge. She was 9 weeks old when we rescued her and has been the “Queen Mother” of our pack for the past 9 years and continued to be our great protector right up until the end. Your patience and understanding of the situation are so reassuring that it makes everything a little easier. The house is so quiet without her now and there will always be a place left empty in our hearts. She was a wonderful fur baby and will be missed everyday.

Thank you Greg and Lisa and her fur siblings Spice, Abby and Moses.


8x10 rainbow bridge with border collie V1

It has been a few weeks, and while the void is still there – we are transitioning to a new normal. I have been meaning to reach out to you to share my deepest gratitude for your gift of service to our family and to end the suffering for our sweet Izzie. Your guidance through the process not only brought peace to Izzie, but our family. Your soft spoken manor, reassurance and empathetic response were far more than we expected, and have touched our hearts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping her transition to Heaven via the Rainbow Bridge, and makingthe experience less traumatic for our grieving family. We are able to remember Izzie exactly how she loved to be – in our arms, in our home, and at peace. Forever indebted for your blessings.



Dear Dr. LeMay,

It has been 9 1/2 months since you helped our dear Kate cross Rainbow Bridge. Many times I wanted to reach out to thank you once again for helping her cross here in our home, in our loving arms, but I just couldn’t get past the pain and tears. It is with tears still, that I write this.

Kate was our most precious 19 year old Black Lab, who two days before had been diagnosed with a mass on her right hip and possibly a brain tumor. She had been failing in health over the previous year but we chalked it up to being so very old. In three months time, she had gone so very far downhill and we did not “see” it. Again, we chalked it up to being so very old. We now know, upon reflection, that we were in serious denial. For almost a year we had to carry her up and down stairs because her hind legs just couldn’t do it. Age, we thought. Denial number 1. Then she wouldn’t eat dog food and we thought it was just not tasting good to her. Denial number 1. So, we cooked chicken or ground beef and rice for her and she ate that three times a day. She would get “lost” in corners. She was losing her sight. Denial number 3. She had “accidents”. Age again. Denial number 4. She got so she could not stand up from lying down by herself. Denial number 5. She could not sleep through the night or relax enough to go to sleep at all unless I was lying on the floor with her. Oftentimes in the middle of the night, I would have to carry her to the livingroom and lay with her, constantly petting and talking to her to get her to relax. Age/dementia. Denial number 6. We finally took her to the vet, thinking it was her hip that was causing trouble. We received our horrible diagnosis and believing she was in no pain, took her home to wait it out. Two mornings later, we both realized that while we still believed she was not in pain, she was so very far “gone” that we just could not allow her to continue as she was. She was not our precious, active, alive and happy girl any longer. She was just there, and while we could see in her eyes that she still loved us and was ‘hanging on’ for us, it was really time for her to go. So. I made that [most horrible] of phone calls to you. With your most kind and gentle voice you agreed to come that evening. I must say it was the most painful yet most precious experience we have ever had. You explained what was going to happen and how she would be and that eased our pain and guilt. We were able to love on her and kiss on her and talk to her and tell her it was alright for her to go and that we would be alright and would always love her. Your caring and gentleness while helping our girl cross over helped us and her and we will be forever grateful to you. I wish now, for Kate’s sake, that we hadn’t waited so long. We were being selfish and for that I will be forever sorry. Thank you, again (many times), Dr. LeMay for helping our Kate and us get through it all, for handling everything afterwards and for bringing Kate’s cremains to us. We are forever grateful.
John and Kathi


Bruiser Deignan

We adopted Bruiser from a kennel that had rescued him from being destroyed. He was sixty-some-odd pounds of rambunctious energy and two big, brown loving eyes that instantly became part of our family. He quickly became a brother to our other Boxer, Roxie, and soon earned his name “Bruiser” with his playful tackling and roughhousing. Despite his size, he fancied himself a lapdog and loved to snuggle with us. He was even a gentle giant to our Boston Terriers; he’d lie in the yard and let little Gracie pounce on him and nibble at his ears and jowls. When a fire truck would go by with its siren blaring, and Bruiser would answer back with a soft howl.

He was a constant companion for so many years, and we are so blessed to have had him in our lives. Though his body aged, his spirit never did. That made the decision even harder for us. But we know he’s in a better place where he can stretch out his new “forever” muscles, give that nubby tail a wag, and go on playing like he did before.

Thank you, Dr. LeMay, for your calling to your service and for helping give Bruiser a peaceful transition to Heaven. Your compassion and kindness toward us during this time will always be remembered. You made an uncomfortable time feel more personal and caring. We will miss seeing his big brown eyes light up and his floppy ears fold back every time we walk through the door. I think that’s what he’ll look like when we see him again someday.

Thank you again,

Jeanne and Mike



A week ago, I made the decision to reach out to you to let my Hunter go. Thank you for your gentleness and compassion. You are truly a special human being.




Dear Dr. LeMay,

Thank you once again for helping our beloved Bear make his transition from this life to his new life in Heaven. Mere words cannot express our gratitude for your gentle and compassionate demeanor you provided during this very difficult time.

You assisted Bear’s brother, Tedrow, in September of 2014 and because of your compassion for both people and animals alike, it went without discussion that you would be the obvious choice to make Bear’s transition as well.

Even though we have gone thru this process once before with you, you still provided the same gentle professionalism and respect of life. Linda and I cannot express how grateful we are for your service.  We have absolutely no reservations in recommending your services. You provided dignity and an invaluable service, to our Bear in his final moments with us.

Thank you once again.

Chuck and Linda

…and Tedrow and Bear…




I apologize that it’s taken me so long to send this note.  I’ve made several attempts, but until today I couldn’t find the words to set the tone you and Sophie deserve.

Sophie was a very timid eighteen year old cat, timid around everyone but me.  When company came Sophie hid herself away in the basement deep in a maze of storage boxes.  When I took her to the vet, just getting her into the pet carrier frightened her, and the office visit terrified her.  When we came home from the vet she would scurry to her hidey-hole in the basement and stayed there for more than an hour just calming herself.

Then Sophie got sick, and for a few months, with the help of Dr. Kristina Day (Animal Hospital of Lanesville), I was able to give Sophie at-home care.  But then she reached a point where she was unable to eat or drink, was very weak, and in pain.  I knew what I had to do, but given Sophie’s timidity, I knew I would not have her final moments spent in fear.  Then, bless her heart,  Dr. Day referred me to you.

I’ve buried both my parents after prolonged illnesses.  Through those two traumatic events, no medical professional displayed the quite, sincere compassion and dignity you showed my Sophie (and I do not do hyperbole).  Your gifts allowed Sophie the most peaceful end possible in her own home, surrounded by the familiar, and in the arms of someone she loved and someone who loved her.

‘Thank you’ seems inadequate when you consider I say ‘thank you’ to someone who serves me a plate of spaghetti, but I also believe that, most times, less is more.  So thank you. I will be honored to share your gifts and invaluable service  to all my pet-loving friends.


Judy and Jim

Ps  You helped Sophie with her transition the day after Thanksgiving.  At that time you were pretty far along in your pregnancy, probably about 35 weeks  To best administer to Sophie, you needed to sit on the floor, so once the deed was done, you were a wee bit challenged rising to your feet.  My husband was at your side, and therefore perfectly positioned to assist you.  Instead, he picked up your black bag, watched you struggle to your feet, then hand you your black bag.  He is usually not an insensitive brute; he and I were both dazed and not attuned to your need for assistance.  Please forgive us.



Thank you, Dr. LeMay, for helping our Chalupa transition into the next world this afternoon. He’s had a great 15 years of life. Although this last week has been quite difficult for us, your compassion and soothing demeanor helped us get through the process. We miss Chalupa terribly, but we are so grateful that you helped him transition as peacefully as possible. You really put our minds at ease.

Latrica & Charles



Dr. LeMay,
Thank you for coming to us. I never knew this was an option until your information was given to me by a friend. We were extremely happy that Trigger did not have to be in a place he was not familiar with. He was with family and at home were he was raised from a tiny puppy.
I am attaching a photo memorial I made to commemorate his life.
Thanks again for your compassion, understanding and patience with us as we helped Trigger transition into his next life of no pain.




This is what I wrote the evening Maddie passed away. We loved her so much and we wanted to thank Dr. Lemay for her kindness and expertise. It’s been very hard without Maddie, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here is a tribute video I made in honor of her amazing life.

SEPT. 27,2014, The worst Day of my entire life

Today David and I said goodbye to Maddie and I said goodbye to a piece of my soul. I can’t describe the heartache I feel. It’s a pain only those who’ve been through this know. I will miss our adventures every single day. She was a beautiful vibrant dog who pretty much got me through the worst year of my life. She was the best gift I could ever ask for and I have no regrets. We both loved her as much as two people can love a dog. I spent every single waking moment staring into her eyes and kissing her. I’ve heard a lot of people have regrets about what they should have or shouldn’t have done and rather they spent enough time with them. I can honestly say, we gave her the world and all the time we could. She gave me much more than that. Our last gift to her was to end her suffering and it was the most peaceful of an ending that you can get. I just hope it’s not goodbye forever. Farewell, my beautiful Maddie poo Hutson, you were one of a kind.



Dr. LeMay,

I have been trying to send this card sine March 2013.  That was the day you helped our beautiful boy, Chance, cross the rainbow bridge while he laid at peace in my arms.  I know you receive a lot of thank you’s, but I am not sure you will ever know what a truly special person you are.  You make one of the most difficult days a little easier to bear.  Thank you for allowing us to tell you about our boy, for allowing us to grieve and most of all for just being the kind, gentle soul that you are in helping say goodbye with dignity and grace.

We miss our Chance boy everyday and  he will always be our special boy .  We honored his memory in April 2013 and rescued a beagle girl and a beagle/basset boy from KY Humane Society.  They have filled the empty space left behind by our Chance and along with their sisters bring happiness and joy everyday.

Thanks again for what you do and for helping us to help our boy at home on his last day.

Sincerely, Lisa and Greg (Sugar, Spice, Abbey, and Moses…and Chance-our angel boy)



Dearest Dr. LeMay,

Your greeting card was so kind- thank you.  ALso, the book that was included with your services has been incredibly helpful.

I really appreciated the good vibes you brought to Maeby’s release.  You were so thoughtful and considerate.  Thank you for all that you do.

Love, Lydia, Ava Moon, and Patricia


8x10 rainbow bridge with border collie V1

I just wanted to say thank you.  Please thank the gentleman, too.

There is hole in my heart right now, but I know in time it will heal.  You don’t realize how much you take for granted until you no longer have it.

Granger was always there, no matter how late I came in or how long I was gone.  For eleven years he was my rock.

Thank you again,




Thank you Dr. LeMay for helping ease Sunny’s transition from this world to the next. As heartbroken as we are, having you to come to our home gives us peace.



Thank you Dr LeMay for helping us place Pyrcie into eternal peace with dignity and care ~ Rest in peace our Gentle Giant, 13 years old 



My Creature. Thank you Dr. LeMay for your compassion. We are so grateful for you. My big boy will be forever missed.



Skribblez and I want to thank you for your services. I could not have asked for a better person to help us through this process. You were kind, informative, soft, and incredibly compassionate. Thank you.



Dear Dr. Lemay,

Thank you for coming to Hanna when she needed you most.  You made her going home, an act of love and compassion.  Your gentleness, caring and deep sense of peace was palpable.  I called you early Sunday morning and you came.  Hanna and I interrupted your family and church, but you didn’t mind at all.  You wanted only to ease Hanna’s pain and do it in a loving, secure, pain-free, fear-free way.  And you did.  When you made sure that her body was covered, her little face uncovered, as if she were just deeply asleep, and secured her to the stretcher for her last ride, you touched my heart more than I can express.

I am a 61 years old woman with spinal osteoarthritis.  My Hanna, a beautiful, sweet, gentle, loving, patient, 87 pound Rottweiler with bone cancer in the front right upper leg and arthritis in her shoulders and hind legs.  Without Dr. Lemay, Hanna wouldn’t have a pain-free, fear-free death with dignity. Dr. Lemay arranged for Hanna to be cremated and returned to me, so that we will be buried together, when my time comes.

I was only blessed to have Hanna with me four months.  She was over ten years old when she came to live with me.  Her original family (mom, dad, two daughters (age 12 and 2)) had to move out of state and were unable to take her with them.  For the first three months she was fine, then on Oct 10th , I noticed her limping.  At first it was thought to be arthritis, but tests and x-rays showed it to be a fast growing bone tumor.  My vet and I decided to keep her as pain free as possible and give her as much time to enjoy life as her maker would allow.

Hanna brought me love, acceptance and patience – unconditionally.  I called her my gentle giant, my baby, my prettiest girl – she was all these and more. Hanna was a lover. Hanna never met a stranger, she was happy and excited to meet everyone.  She especially loved children, she would wait at the gate when they got off the school bus and bark her hello and they would shout their “Hello Hanna” greeting back.  Her little stub of a tail would go around in circles, she was so happy to see and hear them.  They could lay on her, pull her ears, hug her tight – she accepted it with the intent it was given. She was accepted and a part of them and they her.

If people could be half as good hearted, kind, gentle and accepting as Hanna – what a world this would be!




Dr. LeMay,
I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated the role you played in Tosh’s last moments. You were compassionate and caring and I imagine it’s not hard for anyone to see how you truly understand the importance of our job. I’m sure our animal friends pick up on this as well. As with Tosh, I’s sure you treat each patient with empathy and respect.

The moments leading up to Tosh’s final times and the moments after have been hardest, however, I will always remember the moments of his last breaths and passing as a time I felt at peace. Until I was able to see him relaxed and comfortable during this time, it was hard to realize how much pain he was in.

The timing felt right in my heart and I knew it when you said, in nature he would have been taken from us long ago. I though you might like to see a picture of him and how handsome he was before the lymphoma took over his aged body, although his mind was still sharp as ever.

For nearly 14 years, Tosh was a best friend. I’ve always told people that Gordon Setters act younger and their personalities get stronger with age, never fading. This was Tosh, loyal and stoic to the end.

Again, thank you so much or playing such a special role in his life. I would gladly share it again.

I wish you and your growing family the best. I’m sure your kids will grow up to be just as empathetic as you and will find their future roles in the world to be equally as purposeful and fulfilling.

All the best,



Roxy “Boo”
Dr. Lemay, thank you again for coming to give Roxy peace. Her liver cancer diagnosis was sudden, and her quality of life changed just as fast. You were so helpful with her brother Igby and sister Margot, I knew you would be with her. She was an amazing dog and my best friend. She will be missed dearly, by many.



1546032_334378346722703_1806038152193274663_nA few pics of our wonderfully amazing Sodah. Thank you so much for today. I can’t imagine going through such a painful event any other way. We’re still feeling his absence like a 50 lb weight on our hearts, but we’re relieved to know Sodah is feeling so much better. Thank you.

Teddy (Tedrow)

Tedrow (3)

“Our beloved Teddy (aka Tedrow) was sick and continually became worse. I found Dr Lemay’s website – “A Friend’s Farewell” and finally decided to contact Dr Lemay. She responded back quickly. Within several weeks my wife and I knew it was time. I contacted Dr Lemay and we set up a time the next night as I do not get out of work and arrive home until 10:00 pm. Dr. Lemay was very compassionate during the process of helping Tedrow into the next stage of his journey. Dr Lemay tacitly understood the pain and anxiety my wife and I were going thru; her demeanor is very calming and assuring. She described each step prior to doing it, and finally Tedrow was at rest. Tedrow did not feel any pain during her visit. She let me pick up Tedrow and I gently placed him in her basket and I kissed him his final goodbye as she left.

Dr Lemay demonstrated such calm composure that we felt very assured during the process; I highly recommend her services for any person who has to say goodby to that part of their family. Providing in home services is a great service to the family and to your furry family who is in need. Dr Lemay also provided a small book about losing your pet which I read continuously for a week which helped my grieving process. Thank you Dr LeMay for your tender care, calming and assuring services during a very difficult time.” 

Chuck and Linda


Diggy Collage 2

Dear Dr LeMay,

I can not thank you enough for coming to my home and helping me with what was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. My boy Diggy hated the car and would get very worked up and cry and whine when he had to go somewhere. I could never imagine that being his last hour when I finally had come to the awful conclusion that it was his time. We tried for awhile to save him even though he was 14, we didn’t give up as long as he was happy and comfortable. But after he lost one eye, then went blind in his good eye, it broke my heart watching him struggle with being blind, I knew I was at that point keeping him around for me. Getting in touch with you that first time was so hard to do but I can not express how happy and content I feel now that I did. Your calming, patient demeanor  made what was a heartbreaking day, very peaceful. I dreamed that he would go just as he did, in my home, in my arms, getting the ever loving belly rub that never ends. Diggy was my buddy, my partner in crime, my savior, my best friend for 14 yrs and I wouldn’t have wanted to give him any less that he deserved. I rescued him when he was a baby, but then he rescued me time and again over and over through the years.  He will be so greatly missed not only by our family, but by his little “brother”  Bandit  he helped raise.  My heart breaks when I look for him and he is not there, but I have such wonderful memories all the way to the very end. I love him endlessly.  And again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being exactly what I needed when I needed it.

Daisy May

 MAY 21,2002 – JULY 11,2014


                            Daisy you were always there for us. When we came home you were there to greet us with all your basset love. When we were sad you were there to console us, cuddling on the couch or a warm spot in the bed or sleeping in front of the fire. Mommy always called you precious and that was very fitting.  Dad, Mom and Sissy miss you so very much and for such a little girl you filled our hearts full of love. Dr. Lemay thank you so much for the caring and understanding that you showed our family. You made a very bad day a little easier and In helping our girl make her journey across the bridge to her special place. Where I know she will be waiting for us. Daisy never liked going to the veterinarians office. Dr. Lemay coming  to our house on short notice and helping us with this very difficult decision where Daisy was comfortable and in her home and at peace helped us through this very hard process.

Thank you Dr. LeMay,

                                    The Stewart’s

Webster and Stevie




On Friday, Dr. LeMay helped us say goodbye to our very best friend, Hero. It was the most difficult and painful decision we have ever had to make and the loss was devastating to our family. But Dr. LeMay made the situation more bearable with the services she provides for our furriest family members, helping them across the rainbow bridge with dignity and peace. About Hero: Hero was adopted by our family in May of 2012 while we were living in Florida. I found his picture online and he was scheduled to be euthanized that day due to overcrowding at the local animal shelter. I frantically started calling the shelter and asked them to please not go through with it and we would be there the next day. Once we got him home, the first order of business was to change his name from Frankenstein to Hero… He was no monster! From the start, Hero was absolutely amazing! He was so well trained and so loving, a true loyal companion. Everyone who met him fell in love with him instantly and it was probably a good thing he was so big, because I’m sure a few friends and family members would’ve tried to sneak him back to their homes! He was a gentle giant, letting kids, kittens, and his Boxer sister crawl all over him, never getting impatient. When he became ill our world crashed around us and we desperately wanted more time with him… But when it became apparent to us that we were being selfish and not doing what was best for him, we made the decision to let him go. And while we still wish he was here and we had more time, I wouldn’t trade a minute of the time we had with him and I would do it all over again. While our friends and family keep reassuring us that we rescued him, the truth is he rescued us. The hero here, was our Hero.



Dr. LeMay,

Thank you again for coming to see us today, especially on a moments notice. It was the hardest phone call to make but we are so glad we called you. After going through the experience with Sheila at home, we can’t imagine any other way for her to start her journey across the bridge. 


Tom & Gabrielle



Dr. LeMay,

         I know this is slow in coming, but I wanted to thank you again for doing what you do. It was such a blessing (although a painful one!) for us to be able to relieve Powder’s suffering without putting him through the trauma of travel.  I’m healing, slowly.  I’ve had lots of feline friends, but have never loved a cat, or been loved by one, as much as him.  Than you too for your calm and soothing demeanor, and your awesome bedside manner.  You made what was a very difficult situation better just by being you.  You definitely seem to have found your calling, and you are helping people probably more that you know (and probably more than most people understand).

Take care and may God continue to bless your family and your ministry!

Michelle and Jeff (and Woody, Dolly, Jasper, Momma, Dahlia, Flat Stanley, BB, Senior, Search and Rescue, and Mittens)

Joe and Rosie


My sweet Joe and Rosie. Within a week they were diagnosed of different cancers. Needless to say, I was devastated. I knew I would have to euthanize to prevent suffering, but I had had a bad experience years ago with my girl, Jay. I read about this wonderful hospice veterinarian, Dr. LeMay. She made the horrible situation so painless and comfortable for my guys (euthanized 8  months apart). Thank you, Dr. LeMay, for guiding us compassionately and professionally through this difficult time.



Just another stray tabby kitten in the alley. So many stray cats in the neighborhood; unwanted & ignored.   That is likely how most folks would describe him, but not me.  He was Alex, short for Alexander the Great, who was my pet, companion, buddy, son, therapist, & even my security system. He was the ‘constant’ in my life for the past 19 years & I was his in return.                           For the first half of Alex’s life, he remained an ‘owned’ outside alley cat – only coming home in the evenings with the expectation to find fresh tuna in his dinner bowl.  He had every opportunity to move on elsewhere, no strings attached, but he remained. As he got older & we moved several times, he retired from the great outdoors & only ventured out to take a stroll through the yard & chew on some grass. He endured the comings & goings of countless dogs and cats who took up part/full time residence in our home.  He always remained the senior leader in full control. As the gray hairs began to multiply & the swiftness in movement slowed down, he always maintained his keen sense of awareness and alley cat instincts. I had always prayed when the time came for him to leave this life, he would just drift off to sleep, but his alley cat instincts kept him pushing forward, even though his body was completely worn out. I am very thankful to Dr. LeMay for assisting me on such a short notice. I take comfort in knowing Alex passed this life in a very peaceful manner while resting in his favorite napping spot. There will always be stray tabby cats, but there will never be another Alex.                     Davina (Alex’s mom)                         ^..^



Dr. LeMay,

I wanted to thank you for helping me through a very difficult time. Your gentleness with Willie and your comforting words and card made a painful situation bearable. I have been amazed at how compassionate other professional people have been – reaching out to me to comfort me when knowing Willie periodically through his short life. It has really touched me. My days are still difficult but I know the painful will ease later. I miss the little devil more than I can express. Again, thank you for all the patience you have shown and handling my precious Willie with gentleness. You really are doing a great service. Good luck to you. Fondly, Carol



Dr. LeMay,

I want to express my gratefulness to you for the kindness and support you gave to me and my sweet boy, Parker. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do, but your compassion made it a little easier. It allowed me to keep him in a safe, comfortable setting rather than a scary, clinical setting. Your helping me through the process and taking care of the detail afterwards was very helpful. I don’t know ow you do this, but I am glad you do. It’s a great service you and definitely your calling. Thanks again, Theresa



Dr. LeMay, I think deciding to put my Boo to sleep was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, and it culminated in to one of the worst days of my life. Dr. LeMay, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your extreme kindness and compassion in one of my darkest hours. With your help, you made my precious Boo’s passing comfortable and peaceful, surrounded by people who loved her dearly. I will forever be grateful for your wonderful service and for the compassion that you showed. Kind regards, Teri Tribute/letter to Boo: Boo was my little heartbeat at my feet for 17 years. Boo, Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for making me smile every day, even when I didn’t want to. Thank you for accepting me and all my flaws. Thank you for loving me more than you loved yourself. You were such a little free spirit that loved life to the fullest. You are irreplaceable and will live forever in my heart. I am truly blessed to have had you in my life. Love always and forever, Mommy



On March 7, I had to say goodbye to my constant companion for almost 18 years – nearly half of my life.  Nadia was my (well, not so) little girl and I loved her more than I can even say.  Being able to allow her last few minutes of this life to be on her blanket on my lap is a treasure that is worth more than gold.

The gratitude that I feel for your compassion, kindness, and gentle nature during what was one of the most difficult days of my life is immeasurable.  Finding you was a blessing I didn’t even know I needed until it was over.  You are an exceptionally understanding and caring person and you made this process almost bearable.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I don’t know that there are words that can accurately describe the sadness and loss that come with having to make the decision to let your loved one go (even though I knew it was time).  For days after I came home and expected to see her little face at the door, meowing at me to feed her or I could swear I would hear her in the next room not remembering she was gone.  But knowing that her pain is gone and that my life is richer for having had her and that gives me the comfort needed to try to move on.



“I used Dr LeMay for Emily and she did a wonderful job. It was the best decision I could have made for her. It was a totally stress free experience for her and she got to die in her own home where she felt safe. I highly recommend A Friend’s Farewell, for anyone needing such a service.”

Remembering Emily….

Emily was one of my first rescue dogs. She came into my life nearly 15 years ago when I found her eating from a garbage can. She was the toughest, bravest dog I have ever had the fortune of sharing my life with. Despite various treatments and medications, the years began to take a toll on her body and joints. She developed severe arthritis, hip dysplasia, and most recently, bone cancer. Despite all her physical ailments, every day, when it was time for our walk in the woods, there she was…..always ready with a smile on her face and carrying her own leash. She walked slower than the others but that was ok. She was doing what she loved. Those are the memories I will hold close in my heart. When spring finally comes, my first walk in the woods will be filled with memories of you. How I will miss you, my dear friend.

Lady Annabell


Thank for helping me deal with this difficult time. My Lady Annabell was able to go in peace at home which meant the world to my family!!



You were so wonderful tonight. While we cry as we say goodbye, you were so very comforting and such a good listener of our Kringle stories. Bless you!



Dr. LeMay,

What a wonderful service you provide and you are so amazing at what you do.  I have been telling everyone how you have eased the pain.  It has been tough losing our precious Ginger, but I know I will get to see her again.  Thanks for all the caring treatment and for easing the pain.

Love, Elaine and Chuck



Dear Dr. LeMay,

It has been nearly three months since  you came and helped me say goodbye to my darling Diego.  Although I bought this card a week after that day, every time I sat down to write it, I couldn’t keep my eyes clear enough to do so.  I’m sure you know and understand how grief can keep us from doing what is necessary; and I do feel that it is necessary to tell you how much I appreciate you for your kindness and care in this most difficult time.  It takes an amazingly strong and gentle soul to step into someone’s life during their worst moments and make them feel as nurtured and cared for as if you had known them all their lives.  Your warm and friendly spirit made saying goodbye so much less traumatic.  Although it was the right thing, it was one of the hardest decisions to make, but I can’t imagine having done it any other way than in the comfort of our home with someone who felt like and old friend.

You are such a gift for animal lover’s! I was so blessed to be given nearly 16 years with my fuzzy guy.  he was my rock,  my inspiration and my ultimate joy.  As you well know, huskies are a challenge and he was no exception, but I wouldn’t have changed a moment I had with him, and would give a lot to have more time.  That’s the only thing wrong in the plan, they just can’t stay with us forever.  Thankfully I was also blessed by finding you when the time was right to send him on to the next adventure.

It was an honor to my boy to have you in out adventure story and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely , Brenda



Our much-loved Buttons Faye trotted across the Rainbow Bridge on January 22. Thank you for easing her journey with such kindness and compassion. We miss her terribly – 15 years is a long time to love a dog.

Bailey and Harper




Dr. Lemay, I am yet again so grateful for you and your service.  Igby has had a rough six weeks, and when there wasn’t any hope left, I knew that you would be able to give him the peace he deserved.  Igby was the sweetest kitty, my baby boy, we will miss every day, that sweet face not there to greet us, make us smile.  Thank you for coming on such short notice to free him from pain, and to let him be surrounded by those who loved him. Christine


photo 3

Dear Edwina, Thank you most of all for getting our boy back to us before you left town, that was a very nice surprise. We have said this, but I think it important to write it also, we feel so blessed to have ended up with you as our hospice vet. Your kindness and concern for both the pet and owners is truly exceptional! We felt so safe after meeting you on the first day and on Pushkin’s final day we knew that you were our angel of mercy! It’s obvious that you ended up in exactly the career you are so suited for, in every possible manner, I bet your daughter will follow in your footsteps. Many thanks, Miriam and Jerry



“My Beloved Furry Daughter – Belle”


My “furry daughter” Belle has been gone now 4 weeks with her last day 1/03/14. It has taken me some time to be able to write this without feeling such true sadness. The days lending to my decision to have to put Belle down were very sad and stressful. Belle was 11 years old and gave us great joy and she also went through many challenges in her life with diabetes at 4 years requiring 2 shots a day, that slowly blinded her by the time she was 6 years old and in her later years was much harder to manage causing low sugar spells and one that almost cost her life on September 11, 2013 which is when Dr. Lemay was brought to us. Arthritis came in those later years that caused daily pain medicine than cancer in the end. I really believe that Dr. Lemay helping us with pain management for the arthritis and then later the cancer is what gave us 4 more extra months with Belle. Through all of this, Belle gave all her love and kisses every day. She made my day always start and end with a smile and the days have been hard as I miss her and her love and kisses. I took care of her diabetes everyday to ensure we had her as long as possible. I would have done anything for her because her love was truly unconditional and you sure knew it when you walked into where she laid and her tail hitting the floor. Even in those last few days, tail wagging and kisses were still given by request. She loved me so much as I did her and I truly believe she struggled and held on as much I did. Before I called to schedule with Dr. Lemay, Belle turned to my voice barely able to walk due to the cancer in her leg, and I squatted down to her. She put her head between my knees as if telling me “it is OK mom, I don’t want to leave either but it is time”. I am so thankful to Dr. Lemay for making those last moments with Belle truly a good memory or as good as saying good bye to my “furry daughter” could have been. I laid by Belle the whole time to let her know she would always be in my heart and how much she meant to me and my kids. My kids were there as was my husband and it was just such a sad and nice moment. Dr. Lemay explained everything in such a gentle and calming way and never once did I feel pressure to hurry my goodbyes. She had arranged for Belle’s cremation in a timely manner so she could get Belle home to me as soon as possible and when she did, she was so kind giving me my Belle back. I have preached to ever animal lover I know how wonder she was and how much easier it was. I could never imagine have taken my beloved “furry daughter” to any vet office. The foot of my bed where my Belle took her last breathes will forever be a place I will recall as peaceful as death could be due to Dr. Lemay. Belle is still in my thoughts every hour and not sure if it will ever be an easier but I’m thankful to you Dr. Lemay for giving her such a peaceful death as are my kids and husband. We thank you and truly have a very special gift of giving peace and comfort in such a difficult time as losing such a beloved pet.


Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 10.09.19 AM

My husband and I are invited to a New Year’s Eve Dinner at the home of some dear friends and neighbors -one of the couples travels from Northern Kentucky for this celebration.  When I arrived at the dinner this year, I was told quickly by the hostess that all was not well.  The couple from Northern Kentucky had brought their dog, “Angel”.  That evening, before dinner, Angel had fallen into the neighbors pond, and had to be taken to the veterinarians office – in Middletown (a trek form our party in the Highlands).  Upon their arrival home, I was shocked at the condition of Angel.  The six year old Labradoodle had been diagnosed with bone cancer a few weeks before and she was in great pain from her fall.  The vets office was closing for the evening, but our friends were told that if things got worse to call, and they would let Angel spend the night  in the office.  Things quickly deteriorated.  Our friends were thrown into a torrent of emotions as they realized that it was eminent that their sweet dog was in the process of dying.  Their angst was made worse by the thought of loading her back into the car to go back to the vets office and wait till morning.

At that point, I realized that I had heard of a “Hospice Veterinarian”.  Through a series of phone calls, Dr. Edwina LeMay came to the house.  I was not there while she worked, but I was told by my friends that she helped Angel pass from this life with dignity, respect, and great care.  Dr. LeMay was a rudder in the storm for my friends.

Thank you for coming out on a cold New Year’s Eve at 11:30.  Thank you for your professionalism to a family that was mentally and physically overwhelmed with grief.  Dr. LeMay, you and your work are to be commended…..



Thank you so much Dr. LeMay, you were wonderful with our Bogey today. I cannot express enough how wonderful we think you are for being so gentle and compassionate with our poor baby boy. thank you so much from our whole family.



My beloved shadow.  Thank you so much Dr.LeMay♥  You brought such ease and comfort to our family.  You are such a blessing!


1526927_10201278624627429_1573971667_n-1We send this note with heavy hearts. We had to let Farley cross over Rainbow Bridge on 12/10. He was our best buddy for nearly 18 years and we wanted at least 100 more. His brain tumor created so many challenges for him but he still kept his spirit and “determination” until he couldn’t fight anymore.

We want to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to you, Dr LeMay. Your kindness and compassion brought comfort and a sense of calmness to all of us. While the decision that had to be made was still overwhelmingly painful, being able to have our baby at home, where he loved to be, was such a precious gift. We will be forever grateful . Please know that you are appreciated and that the care you provide does make a difference.



Wrangler and Trouble

Wrangler and Trouble





Our deepest thanks to Dr. LeMay for her gentle and comforting assistance as we said goodbye to our beloved half cat / half dog Roger.  He went downhill very quickly from a debilitating illness and when it became evident that we weren’t going to be able to save him, a friend recommended Dr. LeMay for his last night.  Friends and family were able to say goodbye as he lay on his blanket on the couch, and it was so much better than those awful final visits to a cold, sterile veterinary exam table.

Here’s a picture of Roger (with his usual “I dare you to touch me” facial expression).  This is how we will remember him.

Our thanks and appreciation again to Dr. LeMay for gently easing his spirit toward the way home.

Carollee, Alex and Tyler Crowe

Jordan Michelle


It’s so good to know warm, considerate people who try to help others in all that they do, people whose lives show the meaning of God’s love.  It’s so good to know a wonderful person like you.  Thank you for all of your help at our saddest time for our family. Your service was very peaceful and consoling.

Kristi and Steve



Thank you for being such a comfort during the distress and pain of letting go of my big cat/small panther, Grendel. He was so terrified of clinics/hospitals, it was a huge gift to be able to have him at home for his last hours with me. I appreciate your kindness and the lovely box his ashes are in. Grendel had a big personality to go with his large frame and I have a lot of great memories to keep forever.    -Denise



 Dear Dr. LeMay,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sending a card and for helping me get through this difficult time in my life.  I had 16 years of spending nearly everyday with Zach and, believe it or not, can’t really think of a bad moment with him.  He was the ideal dog, pet, and most importantly, friend.  I guess its true what they say: “A dog is a man’s best friend.”

But overall the way everything worked out during his last moments were a prayer answered and I owe that to you and the way you sat everything up.  You brought an amazing attitude, you complimented him tremendously, you brought treats to keep him occupied…The list goes on and on!  I couldn’t have been more proud, honored, and pleased with my last memory with Zach.

Once again, THANK YOU!  You took something that is very difficult and normally haunting and made made it something I will hold onto forever.  I guess not too many people can say their last memory with their pet was of them laying in their lap basically napping off.  Never saw anything, nor heard anything disturbing.  And that to me is a huge sigh of relief and in my eyes you are the best there could be for this.  I truly am thankful for everything you did for me and Zach!

Thank you so much, God Bless!




 It’s been a year now since we lost our beloved Merlin. I just wanted to thank you for making it alot easier on us, making this life altering decision. It was the toughest decision ever, and you truely are an angel for the services you provide. Needles to say, he went peaceful and at ease thanks to you..The picture is Merlin in his prime, Big ole Puppy.. Thank you again and God bless you. Jamie and Andrea

Bailey (Pudge)


It has been a month since we said farewell to Bailey I can only now begin to express my thoughts about the experience. We are eternally grateful that you provided us a caring and compassionate alternative to the sterile cold “office” visit. Pudge, as we affectionately called him, was no stranger to the vet’s office.  In his last years he suffered from diabetes and congestive heart failure which required many trips to the vet. After one such trip to drain fluid from his abdomen we decided it would be his last trip.  We wanted Pudge to spend his last days at home surrounded by the things he knew and the ones who loved and cared for him.  We just didn’t know how we were going to make it happen.  That is when we discovered  A Friends Farewell and you, Dr. LeMay. It had been our hope that Pudge would go doing what he always did, being Head of Security.  That was not to happen.  You allowed him the next best thing.  He spent his last day greeting a new friend, you, eating special chocolate cookies and then getting to guard them as Head of Security.  As much as I did not want to let go of him it was comforting to allow him to go in such a wonderful way.  I thank you for that gift. It is our hope that through our experience others will give their furry companions that same gift when the time comes to say that difficult Farewell to a Friend. Wayne and Suzanne



For the last few years, as our beloved cat Billy got older, we often worried about how we would cope with his death. We were especially terrified at the thought of having to euthanize him. And then it happened: at the age of about 19, after several months of increasing frailness, Billy woke up one morning and found he could barely walk. Over the next few hours he grew worse and worse, and we realized that it was time. We called you, and you were so nice on the phone. When you came to our house, you were kind and soothing to both us and Billy. You explained what was happening at each stage, and when it was over you comforted us.  While we will always mourn Billy, you made his death so much easier to bear. Then, you took care of his cremation, and within three days you brought us his ashes and some lovely keepsakes. We are so lucky to have you here in Louisville. You are a wonderful person, and we are indescribably grateful to you. Thanks, Dr. LeMay! John and Mary


8x10 rainbow bridge with border collie V1

Dr. LeMay was sent from the heavens above..I was not aware of her services and I was mentioning to a friend of mine that we really wanted our Molly to go peacefully in her own home, she mentioned Dr. LeMay to me on a Wednesday afternoon, we called her that night and she was at our home the next morning to give comfort to us and to Molly and to make her transition to “Rainbow Bridge” much easier. Thank you so much, Dr. LeMay.



We were recently confronted with the sad reality that our Simon’s cancer was advancing and he was not doing well. We didn’t want him to suffer but the thought of driving him to our vet was overwhelming. He always hated that drive and the experience at the vet’s office. Taking a chance, we asked our vet if they knew of someone that provided palliative services in the home. That’s how we found Dr. Lemay. Dr Lemay’s compassionate nature was quickly apparent. Being able to have Simon in his home with his “brother” and in a comfortable environment meant so much to us, and we think to him as well. Not that it was, or has been easy….it did make things a little better. We owe Dr. Lemay a debt of gratitude for helping Simon and us during a very difficult time. We have recommended Dr Lemay to a number of our friends and will continue to to do so. We love you Simon! Rhonda



Dear Dr. LeMay,

Thank you so much for helping our Trin ease out of this world yesterday. He was a wonderful and special friend to me for 15 years. He and I had been through a lot together and I was honored that I could have been there to let him go with dignity and peace. We will miss our little lion, but we were blessed to have him. You helped make the process as easy as possible and we are so grateful for that. Take Care, April and Dan



Dear Dr. LeMay,

Losing someone you love is never easy, but feeling at peace with the decision has certainly made our journey of grief easier to navigate. Jason and I cannot thank you enough for your genuine care and compassion for our Piper. We know he was able to leave this earth at peace-comfortable and without fear. While we are missing him every day it is getting easier with time and we have so many wonderful memories of him. He lived a great, long life and we are thankful for that. Thank you for your concern and skilled services at the end of Piper’s life. We are also thankful to have found you. It has also been great chatting and getting to know you, too. Your Avery is so lucky to have such a fun and creative Mommy! Best of luck in the future to you and your family. And thank you again. Sincerely, Megan, Jason, and Avery



Hello Dr. LeMay,

Jax shared his life with me for almost 13 years. It’s hard to come home and not have him meet me at the door, or have him follow me around while I’m getting ready for work. I still find myself thinking he’s just laying stretched out on the bed when he’s not in the same room as me. I catch myself still calling his name or expecting him to come walking up to me to be picked up and loved on. Jax loved being held. Jax was a very loving pet. He only strayed from this loving attitude when he was taken to the veterinarian’s office. He hated it and would go into a frenzy not wanting anyone to touch him. Yet at home he was the most lovable animal to anyone that came in the house.. Although an animal can’t speak vocally they speak with their eyes. The day Jax went to the Rainbow Bridge his eyes had told me it was okay…. I was giving him the last loving gift I could. I can’t imagine taking my beloved Jax to a cold, sterile office (that he hated) for his last journey. I find comfort in knowing he was surrounded by people that loved him and at home where he was the most comfortable when he went to the Rainbow Bridge. As time passes I will get used to the fact that he’s not going to meet me at the door or be stretched out on the bed….but I will never forget Jax. He was very special. Janice



We had to make one of the worst decisions we never wanted to make! After 12 years our beautiful Harley was diagnosed with cancer and we never saw it coming. Within a few weeks he slowly declined and eventually he let us know it was time for us to say goodbye. I called the vet and she gave me Dr. Lemays number. I never knew that this was even an option! We are so blessed that when our beautiful Harley left this world the last thing he saw and heard was his mommy n daddy in his favorite spot!

Without Dr. Lemay we would have never been able to do that so Thank You from the bottom of the Williams family’s heart!



Thank you for helping us lay our Tasha to rest. You provide a special and much needed service to pet owners. God Bless you!



Dr. Lemay,

I’m a so grateful I found your site. Margot deserved the best and I couldn’t have hoped for a more peaceful end. You have a gift and have found your calling. The world needs more compassionate people like you. Thank you for helping our sweet baby. Christine PS. I attached my favorite photo of Margot, it captures what I loved about her, she loved the snow.


903669_600774073283731_715104641_o What a day today. We had to make the heart wrenching decision to help our 16 1/2 year old 4 legged fur child, Chance, cross over to Rainbow Bridge. What a blessing he was to everyone. He was a sweet boy and will be missed horribly by his mom and dad, as well as his fur sisters, Sugar and Spice. We would like to give a huge thanks to Dr. Lemay for all she did for us today. She is an angel that makes a horrible decision a little bit more bearable because she listens to all of the stories and just lets you know that it is okay to cry and to have your heartbreak for you best friend who was always there and will always be in your heart!! We know he is running fast and chasing those rabbits and squirrels. We will always love you and will forever be our “Bubba”!!


Tribute to Banff…We wish we had just one more day. Just one more day with him when he could hike the trails with Daddy or make Mommy chase him through the house because once again he was about to eat something he wasn’t supposed to… or to get a “huff” because he knew it was time for his pill and we were not moving fast enough. Although this hurts desperately bad we know we did the right thing for him. Banff was more than a Dog, he was a force, he was a king. He tested us more than any dog ever has (and at 130lbs he could!) but he made us laugh more than any dog ever has. But today we thank him. Banff, thank you for picking us to be your Mommy and Daddy. Thank you for an amazing eight years. You will forever be missed! We love you Big Boy! Love, Mommy & Daddy Dr. LeMay, Words cannot express how grateful we are to you. From the first conversation you made us feel at ease. Thanks to you we were able to give our Big Boy a peaceful goodbye. Thank you for being such a kind person. You are a part of our family now. With love, Amanda & Bryson Staples

Dear Dr LeMay Though our hearts are broken, you have made our little Brooks passing as special and as meaningful as possible.   What an amazing service and act of kindness you do for Pet Parents.  We will be forever grateful that you made it possible for Brooks to be in his home, cradled in my arms, his Dad beside and your caring and soothing voice explaining his release from this life. Thank you for all that you do. Love to you and yours, Brook’s Mom and Dad


Dr. LeMay–  Although it has been nearly a year since we bid farewell to Skipper, I wanted to write to say thank you and ask you to add Skip’s story to your website with the hopes of easing someone else’s decision process. As head of Skipper’s staff and subjected to her spiritedly-independent ways for 16 years, I was taken aback by her reneging on our pinky-swear plan to ‘go out together on the same day’ but was moreso surprised when Skip’s vet of as many years advised that he would not allow us to be with Skip through her very last breath.  It upset me greatly but, in hindsight, I’m glad because it led us to you and a kinder, gentler way of saying goodbye to Skip at home.  Your soft-spoken, caring manner in quietly and gently approaching Skipper and in thoughtfully preparing Fred and me for what would take place, instantly erased any skepticism and worry I had over bringing someone new into our home to help Skipper in her last moments.  Skipper rested comfortably in her own saucer bed surrounded by all of her loving staff as she slipped away peacefully.  It is without reservation that I recommend you and your caring services to other families. Thank you again. Kindest regards, Lori and Fred Moore



Dear Dr. Lemay, Last night was probably one of the hardest things I have had to go through in a very long time and most likely ever so far.  However, you made it bearable for both Ron and me and I want to thank you for that.  Letting Mitchell go after having him in our lives for so long was very hard and he was part of my kids’ childhoods, which made that last link to their “small” years even harder to let go.  I miss him so much.   I’m sure you see this every day in your line of work, so I won’t bore you with my sorrow and grief but we could not have asked for a better person/doctor to help with the process than you. I wanted to send over to you some of the photos I took from Mitchell’s 16th birthday party we gave for him last July.  As I mentioned, we had friends bring their dogs and we had cake for the humans and special cake for the four-legged guests too.  I also gave out goodie bags with a picture frame included, as I took everyone’s picture with their dog and mailed it to them later to use in their frame.  I made special bandanas for Mitchell and his guests to wear and we played “doggie” games since the weather was not too cooperative for outdoor play.  They had special frozen yogurt treats too and Mitchell received lots of love and presents!  As you can tell from the photos, I had the house pretty decked out in doggy birthday decorations I had found on the internet and local stores.  All in all, I think it was a fun day for everyone, especially for Mitchell.  I’m so glad we did this for him since he is no longer with us.  (These are the only photos I could find on my computer.  I think the rest are on my iPhone.) Thank you again for everything you did and for being so patient with me during my emotional breakdown.  God bless you with what you see and do each day. Rhonda



TO  MY  MAMA,  WITH  LOVE Dearest Karen, I knew this day would come – does for everybody. It’s hard on my friends, but kind and best for me. After all, I’m an exception.  I had more fun, lived longer, ate better, had the run of your house and even left home for awhile. As you know, dogs have good memories: I remember the first time I visited Grandmother Arnold in the apartment.  Came to the front door but I didn’t go in because it seems Grandmother had a thing about: Pee on my rug, my love is diminished; Poop on my rug, your life is finished! I didn’t like her at first since I couldn’t explore her shelter, but time changed my state; She saved and sent me every scrap from her plate. Granddaddy was even less receptive – or so it appeared. He was strict and reserved – spoke to me firmly – just like I was a dog. Later he softened and I’ll never forget – Grandmother and Granddaddy kept me for a spell.  They boarded up the fence and made a gate so I could run and play outside; then brought me in to the basement to spend the night. New surroundings scared me a little bit and long nights were dark and lonely.  I whined a little for daylight and would wish; then –  and finally then – Grandmother would come down and say, “Beaker, here’s water in a dish.” Karen, I have lots and lots of good memories: Being a dog, our “kicks” are different from yours; The one I love most was our taking a tour. I could put my paws on the door and feel the cool breeze; People passed, thought I was cute, and would smile and try to tease. We would turn in at Grandmother’s house and I’d wiggle like a bug; I was so excited – I got let in – forgot my manners and peed on her rug!! You know, I think God made dogs have a shorter life span than humans.  That way, you could have me the whole span of my years and not have to pass me on to another place. I’ve grown so accustomed to your “castle”, Another owner could never be so kind – And I’m sure I would really give them a hassle! Dear Karen, you have given me so many things:   a fenced yard, lots of toys – let me get on your couch and even eat in the kitchen. I never will forget that adventure I took when I left home.  I didn’t expect to go so far or stay so long, but I couldn’t talk and it was quite a trip; You made one mistake – the vet should have insisted I have a chip. Anyway, somewhere between providence, luck and serendipity – my picture in the store, the good neighbor seeing it,  the kind family that took me in, the tenacious, steadfast search by my faithful Mom and Grandmother – I was found!  That was about the happiest day of my life. Left only once — cold, hungry and fearful; If you had seen me during those hours, I was scared – truly lost and tearful. I remember each day you would leave for school; Under the bed I’d go – I thought that was cool. I’d play my game with you for awhile, Then I’d come out just to see your pretty smile! Dear Karen, you have been a great Mom to me. Grandmother Arnold, you let me break the “dried dog food rule” and have some real soul food –  chicken bones, liver and old hamburger.  Thank you! Granddaddy well, OK.  A little rigid and stiff with me “being a girl and all”, but I am convinced your love was real and calm, See – you’ve made me  a resting place right here near my Mom.  Thank you, Granddaddy. Like I said before, memories are great. You can lean over your deck and know I am right here, never to leave home again, never to be hungry again, never to be far from the One who gave me love, shelter, food, baths, walks in the neighborhood, trips in your car. I am a dog – well, sort of – but I never had to live a dog’s life with you. Thank you, dear Karen for all you are and ALL you have done for me.   The feeling you have for me is the same way I feel about you; It’s a shame I couldn’t have shown it more, but a wag of my tail and a loving look – that will have to do. Bye, dear Karen.  You have treated me like I always wanted to be treated.  I couldn’t have asked for more. Love, B E A K E R



Dear Dr. LeMay, Thank you so much for how greatly you helped us say goodbye to sweet little Punky.  We loved her dearly for 16 yrs. and she loved us unconditionally and blessed us.  She deserved the beautiful farewell you helped us give her.  We are forever grateful.  I am so thankful we found you. Sincerely,   Barbara



Dear Dr. LeMay, I will always be deeply grateful that you gave us the gift of helping Jasper pass at home. The stress of getting into the car and driving to an office, which Jasper feared, would have been excruciating. Being in our own home meant everything and I thank you with all my heart. As deeply painful as it was, being lovingly present thru his passing is now another treasured memory of our life together. Thank you for “A Friends Farewell”. You are a kind, compassionate, beautiful person with a heart and soul that I will never forget and will be forever thankful for. Susan



Dear Dr. Lemay: Rebecca and I cannot thank you enough for your most kind and compassionate help when our cat Jessie needed it the most. Jessie was more than just a housecat to us; he was a good friend and companion for all of his 17 years. Your assistance in easing his passing was a great comfort to all of us. We greatly appreciated your calm and reassuring presence at a very difficult time. I have included a couple of photos of Jessie – he was a good guy and we will miss him. Thanks for all you have done for us. Greg and Rebecca

Dear Dr. LeMay, Thank you for your compassion and patience with Heidi, Joe, and me.  Your services are truly a gift to t hose of us having to say good-bye to a beloved family member.  It’s never easy, but you made it bearable and we know we sent Heidi with love, respect, and dignity. Many, many thanks, Joe and Carolyn


Elvis (Boo)

Dr LeMay I just wanted to thank you again for putting our sweet Elvis out of his misery.  Your caring, unrushed manner and coming to our home so quickly was a blessing to me and my family.   I thank God that someone so concerned was there to help us. I have attached a few pictures of Elvis in his better days.   He was my best friend.  I always called him my son and I meant that.  I adored him. Thanks again Brad Harris



Dear Dr. LeMay, We can’t thank you enough for helping our sweet Shelby leave this world in such a peaceful way.  Your kindness and compassion was an immense comfort to us and to Shelby.  We are still grieving, but we know she is at peace and out of pain, and chasing her beloved tennis balls once again.  You have a wonderful gift, and we are so glad you shared it with us.  It made a very difficult day a lot easier to bear. Blessings to you – Sue & Ed

Dr. LeMay, You made one of the most difficult times in my life, so much easier.  You have a special gift.  I have told all of my friends and family about you and they all have cats and dogs!! I cannot thank you enough. God Bless You and Your Family



Thank you so much for coming to my home and helping Kaiser to escape his pain and suffering. You are truly a Godsend; thanks to you, we were able to let him slip away, laying on his favorite quilt in the backyard where he had spent so many hours chasing squirrels and playing fetch. Your kindness and compassion made things a lot easier for Sandy and I and we thank God that he sent you to us. May God bless you! Doug Hawkins



Dr. LeMay, Thank you so very much for being there to help Cozmo.  I am so very thankful that you were there to give him such a peaceful and compassionate passing.  It is so hard to make the decision, but we were so fortunate to be able to give him this.  You are providing such a noble service to pets and pet owners by helping them avoid unnecessary stress of leaving the home. Cozmo lived a wonderful and adventurous life of 18 1/2 years.  He will be forever loved and cherished in my heart.  Thank you so much for helping us through this difficult time.  I will never forget. Lesley



Dr. LeMay, Thank you so much for the care you provided to my beloved Sunshine.  You were so compassionate and caring to both me and Sunshine.  I remember you looked into my sweet Sunshine’s face and said “I am just a friend here to help.”  I was so relieved when I found your service. When Sunshine was diagnosed with cancer I was so worried that he would become too sick and I would not be able to get him into the car to get him to the vet.  I did not want him to suffer or be in pain.  Just knowing that you were available and I could call you anytime and you would be there was such a comfort.  Sunshine was my best friend, I miss him everyday.  He will forever be in my heart. Thank you Christy

Dr. LeMay, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your kindness and support.  During my 10 1/2 years with my “Bianca”, she gave me much joy and happiness.  She was the “best lil’ furry friend” a human could have.  I miss her dearly, but I know she is better off and not suffering any longer.  Thanks for all you did to make “our final moments” together more comforting. God Bless You



Dr. LeMay, Thank you so much for helping me give my fat little Diva peace.  You were so compassionate and calming to me and made the process much better.  I really appreciate your prompt response to my need. Thank you again! Diedra



Dear Dr. LeMay – I knew the moment you answered your phone yesterday morning that I’d made the right call.  And when you arrived in the afternoon I knew I’d made that call at the right time.  Edith was a joy in my life for nearly 14 years, but she had let me know during the night that she needed to move on.  When you walked in and immediately knelt down next to her bed and started talking to her and giving her treats I knew what your website says is true – you don’t just come in and give a shot.  You do so much more than that to help not only the pet, but the human get through this experience as painlessly as possible. Your calm, reassuring voice, explaining of how the process works and what to expect really put me at ease.  You were clearly not in a hurry.  You have a gift, and what you do with it is essential to so many of us whose pets really are family members.  It’s a ministry.  Thank you so much for your warmth and compassion during what could have been an even more difficult time.  Because of you it wasn’t quite as difficult. Sincerely, Diane



Dr. Lemay, Thank you for being there to help our Bunny end her suffering in a gentle, calm, and caring manner.  Losing a pet is bad enough, and the idea of taking our special dog to a clinic was simply out of the question-the emotional trauma of it would have lasted for weeks.  Instead we remember her last moments here at home, in a cool and quiet room, surrounded by people who loved her.  To an animal lover, the service you provide is invaluable. Meet me at the rainbow bridge Bunny, I love you!!!!



Dear Dr. LeMay, It has been nearly two weeks since Molly’s passing and I have given myself some time and space to grieve her and to find adequate words to express my deep gratitude to  you for your wonderful and loving care of her and all of us in the midst of our loss. I want to thank you for coming to my home and for caring for Molly in her last hour.  You were so tender and genuine with her, and as weak as she was, Molly was happy to be with you, and it was obvious that the two of you made a connection.  I also appreciated your understanding of my needs and my friend’s needs as we participated in Molly’s passing.  It was important for me to offer prayers before the procedure and to tuck Molly into her blanket along with her favorite toy after her passing.  You ministered to us humans as you ministered to my dog.  I am grateful for your extra trip to my home to bring me the lovely bag containing Molly’s ashes (in a handsome wood box), clips of fur, and the plate containing her paw print.  These treasures have been placed in a special place in my home. Molly was a beautiful and gentle companion.  As Labradors go, she was the best!  Molly never knew a stranger and she loved the creation and all of her favorite people.  I am enclosing a picture of Molly with Santa taken at Christmas 2006. Dr. LeMay, I shall be forever grateful for your caring ministry to Molly, my friend, and me.  The book you shared with us was a great comfort and a valuable resource in the future as I walk with friends and family experiencing similar loss.  Please know that I intend to spread the good news of your work to others. Grace, Peace, and Gratitude, Dianne PS- Thanks also for your lovely card and expression of sympathy.  I loved the card.  It is now part of Molly’s memory book.

Dr. LeMay, We cannot thank you enough for the kindness and compassion you gave Ellie and the rest of our family.   You made the most difficult day in our lives brighter.  You have a special gift and I feel so fortunate to have found you. Thank you for everything



Dear Dr. LeMay: It’s been a little over a month and a day doesn’t go by that my mom and I don’t miss our Boomer.  Boomer’s birthday was this weekend and he would have been 15 years old.  The 14 ½  years we had him were the best years of my life.  I’m glad to have so many pictures and memories of him. I’m so grateful that my co-worker gave me your name and phone number at such a rough time in our lives.  You were definitely an Angel sent from Heaven to help us through this process.  Not knowing what to expect, but hating the thought of having to make that final trip to the Vet’s office (which Boomer hated) was unthinkable.  I feel like Boomer’s last day with us here at the house and even his final moments he was not afraid at all.  You were very compassionate and made him feel at ease and me too. We have told so many people about your service.  You will forever have a place in our hearts. Thank you again very very much for being there for us! Pat and Tammy Masterson p.s.  Attached is one of our favorite pictures of Boomer.  He loved to pose for pictures in his outfits.



I do not know how to begin to tell you how grateful we are to you.  I am still so sad,  but your presence was such a peaceful –calming factor- that I don’t know what we would have done without you. I have not been overly religious throughout my life but after telling my brother about you  he said…  “you know Rachel, God gives you what you need”  I keep thinking about that and know that it so true and know that I am better for meeting you.  Seth would have loved you had he been better.  As a matter of fact, he had not wagged his tail in days.  I knew it was a sign from heaven when he wagged his tail at you. Working in the Court system for some 22 years (I run a small department in Family Court, where we go into child abuse and domestic violence cases and set child support)  I have become a bit jaded and cynical.  I thought that there were not many good people left in the world- that I may never meet a truly good person again –  and  yet I did, Sunday night. My daughter and I are still grieving and we have read and re-read the book you left us.. It helps and I know we will heal.  I have told everyone about you and they could not believe it….All my friends (of course they are animal lovers also) tell me to keep your number handy….of course I will. Thank you again. Rachel


Sandy (Pooper)

Dear Dr LeMay, My family and I would like to thank you for your wise soul and professional services for a normally very painful experience. You gave us great peace in listening to our dog stories and helping Sandy Pooper pass on to the next step for his soul. He was a very special dog in so many ways. He, too, was a gentle and fun loving spirit. He enriched our lives, and we did the same for him. The attached picture shows Sandy and me getting ready for company in the old house. I have always loved this picture of the two of us taken in 2005. We were a little younger then. I wish you Good Fortune in helping other dog and pet lovers out there. Everyone I meet will know about your compassionate services. I feel like I made a new friend in the process. Many blessings to you and your family. Fondly, Mary Hendricks-Trueblood

Dear Dr. LeMay, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in making my decision for Luna.  It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and I’m thankful that you were there every step of the way and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more compassionate person.  For the very short time you were with Luna while she was alive, I could tell she really liked you and trusted you so I know she is thanking you from above. Thanks again. Sincerely, Sarah Naslund

Hello Dr. LeMay, Its been 1 week and we’re doing ok. You helped us say goodbye to our little Baxter in La Grange. Thank you for coming out to see us, for your support and for the book you left behind. It has been helping me cope with missing Baxter and helping me understand what I’m going through. Time is healing and finding a place for him to live in my heart is comforting. Thank you so much for your lovely card you mailed us. That was so sweet and thoughtful of you to think of us. Thank you so much! If I could add anything to my testimonial it would be that Saying goodbye to a pet and friend is already a very difficult task. Having someone like you to help us say goodbye in the privacy and comfort of our own home was a one of a kind gift. Thank you from Baxter, Chris and Katie. Baxter is finally able to chase butterflies and acorns again in his sweet dreams You are a gem Dr. LeMay. We will continue to refer anyone to you who is in need of support with saying goodbye. So far, this has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done. It seemed an impossible task, but with your help, we got through it. Thank you for what you do and for helping us say goodbye to our beloved Baxter. Kind Regards, Katie

Thanks for an easy end for Emma. Very well done. Again thanks. Tim

Thank you so much for helping us through the loss of Kelly. He was a sweet and gentle dog. I appreciate the fact that his end was peaceful. You being here was very comforting from the moment you arrived. Thanks for letting me talk and share my stories of Kelly. You were a blessing to my family. Sincerely, Johnny, Mary Ann and Foster Green I printed pages from your website and passed them out at work. We have a lot of dog lovers who were very interested in you service.



I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service and care that you provide. It meant so much to us and to Sugar that she could snuggle in her own bed surrounded by her family and her favorite toys instead of a cold metal table and harsh clinic lights. I will highly recommend you. Jennifer,Becky & Haley


Dear Edwina, I cannot say thank you enough for helping our Sally girl leave this world peacefully. Your  compassion and professionalism helped me through one of my roughest days. I felt very at ease from the first phone call to you about Sally; you were so patient to answer every  question so my mind was at peace with knowing what to expect on that last day with her. Sally was 14 years old. A liver spotted Dalmatian with one brown eye and one blue, she has been with me since she was just 8 weeks old. She is a part of my soul, and you helped me say a beautiful goodbye in the most dignified way imaginable. For that I am eternally  grateful. Most sincerely, Terri A. Harrison



Schotzie's Rainbow Dr. Lemay… Thank you so much for your considerate, compassionate, patient and loving care. You’re the best. Thanks again. Marilyn